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About Us

      Rentprov.com is a family owned and operated website founded in 2004 that caters to all towns in Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts.  Many people confuse us with the Rentprov Realty Company that is located on Atwells Ave. in Providence. Although we both share the same name, we are a completely different company and have no affiliation with them what so ever.  We used to own and operate both companies but sold the rental office off in 2007 and they are now run under new management.  We do still own and manage Rentprov.com the website and still are active in day to day real estate under our new company Lenox Property Management, which is located in East Providence.

     Rentprov.com is FREE for any individual owner or realtor to advertise properties anywhere in Rhode Island or Southeastern Massachusetts, unless you are advertising an apartment complex. We classify an apartment complex as 20 or more units on one location under the same management. If you are an apartment complex or anyone else who would like to advertise with us and would like additional information please feel free to contact us any time at info@rentprov.com. 

     Rentprov.com provides tons of helpful rental information, free leases, free applications, and links to some of our favorite sites.  We have also given many tenant links and advice to make your search and move as easy as possible.   If you ever find things confusing or if you have a question feel free to contact us any time as we offer 24/7 local support.

     If you think that there is something else we can do to make the site easier or more effective please let us know. We may not use every suggestion, but will certainly listen and take your opinions seriously. At RENTPROV.COM we are rental professionals with many years of experience and want you to contact us if you are not successful renting your unit or finding the space that you are looking for.  If you are looking for a realtor to help you rent out your property or help you with looking around the area please contact us at Lenox Property Management 401-572-3322.  We hope that you have a positive experience on the site and feel comfortable to tell a friend about us.

Good Luck,
Gabe Francis

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